Friday, October 17, 2008

Thome Town, USA

Peoria, a traditional center of culture and refinement in Illinois, decided recently to rename itself "Thome Town" for the month of October, to honor world-renowned lumberjack Paul Bunyan a.k.a. Jim Thome. Well it appears Peoria will be reneging on that honor, due to the White Sox defeat in the ALDS:

The Peoria City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to table a motion to approve an honorary designation naming Peoria "Thome Town" for the entire month of October.

"Hopefully we can table this until next fall so Jim Thome can make it to the playoffs so he can fulfill his dream and (pursue a World Series ring)," 4th District City Councilman Bill Spears said.

Those Peorians are Indian-givers I tells ya. But don't worry, rumor has it New Orleans is being renamed Theriot Town in honor of the Cubs-----oh wait, nevermind.

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