Friday, October 31, 2008

You Don't Want This Nickname and Neither Does Drew Gooden

The saga of Drew Gooden's hair has been well-documented here on NQTC. I bet $20 on him to beat DeShawn Stevenson in that stupid beard bet and I lost. Anyways, the Drew Gooden saga continues, this time we find out he used to have a very very sad nickname before he shaved the whole top of his head (this obviously does not apply to his face as pictured here):

Drew’s working with limited real estate, after all, considering his head is basically out of play. (And he had to shave the head — no choice there. There’s a reason his nickname used to be “Recede Wallace.” Oops, Drew’s gonna kill me for putting that out there.)

Apparently he calls his new goatee "the Johnny" referring to Johnny Depp's facial hair from Pirates of the Carribean. What a weirdo.

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