Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Captain of the Knicks, huh?
Is there a greater honor in the NBA right now?

Ethan said...

Speaking of the Knicks, it looks like Marbury will replace Jamal Crawford (possibly the best player to come out of the 2000 NBA draft) in the Knick's starting lineup. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I just got super excited for the upcoming Bulls season...not because I think they're going to be that great, but I think I just realized that I'm a bigger Bulls fan than I thought. They've got an interesting mix this year and it will be fun to watch them sort it out.

Andrew Jay said...

Stormin Normin has to stop leaving anonymous comments about the Bulls. There aren't any bulls fans besides you Norm. Rose put up 30, wow I officially don't care.

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