Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vinny, Please Don't Fall Into Skiles-esque Habits

Tonight is the season opener for the Bulls. Vinny seems to have decided that Ben Gordon will not start. The likely projected starting lineup tonight is:

PG: Rose
SG: Sefolosha
SF: Deng
PF: Thomas
C: Gooden

Thabo? The guy looked awful all preseason. He can't shoot or dribble. The only thing right now that he has going for him are his long arms. This would seem to move Kirk down to 6th man which would then push Gordon even farther down the bench. I like Hinrich and I think he will have a rebound year (though it will be difficult for him playing out of position as a shooting guard instead of his natural point guard position). I know he may be a better defender and he is definitely more of a favorite among the ownership types. All those things are wonderful, but I don't care. START BEN GORDON! Or at least move him in front of Hinrich on the depth chart to play next to Rose. Kirk is not a shooting guard. Don't fall into Skiles-like habits. Please?! Gordon is the best offensive tool you have right now and will help Rose not have to face triple teams every time he gets the ball.

Another fear of mine is that while Tyrus might start (and there is no guarantee of that), he will be riding the bench in favor of slower, whiter players (see Aaron Gray). Do not further inhibit his development! He needs time to play through his mistakes, not to be punished like an insolent child. (It is unclear that TT is even starting, Gray might get the nod. Gross.)

Here's some advice for tonight Vinny: Take a look across the court at Scott Skiles. He is an angry, crotchety old scrooge. He was driven from the Bulls job just like he was driven from the Phoenix job and just like he'll be driven from the Bucks job. Don't let that be you. Trust the talent you've been given and don't be a dick to your players. They are grown men. Good luck.


Ethan said...

Start Ben Gordon? Seriously? Might as well get Adam Dunn in the Cubs starting lineup.

PS - this is the worst starting lineup for the bulls in like 3 years.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Worst? I don't see Jalen Rose or Jerome Williams. Did you forget about Derrick Rose? Put on some rose-colored glasses already.

Stacey King said...

Ethan - You and Neil always drinking the Haterade. Quit drinking the Haterade Ethan. If you gonna drink something, drink Gatorade, just stop with the Haterade.

Now let me break down that last defensive series for the Bulls on the telestrator here... You got my man Thabo...Sefffffaaaaalosha, stepping into the passing lane *STOP*, OK Roll it.

Ethan said...

Stop drinking Haterade? BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD! Also, why you got to talk trash about the junk yard dog? He was so fan-friendly!

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