Friday, October 31, 2008

Samurai Mike Uses Bare Ass as Motivational Tool

Mike Singletary, the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, has had a memorable start to his career. To recap his short stint: He sent Vernon Davis to the showers in the middle of a game, gave a fiery post-game speech, and delivered a memorable post-game press conference. Well the fun is just beginning apparently, as stories have begun to leak about his halftime motivational speech to the players last week:
Singletary's halftime speech to the team included the fledgling head coach dropping his pants, showing the players his bare ass, and pointing to it, apparently as a visual aid to display Singletary's belief that the team was getting its ass kicked.

According to the reports, Singletary then addressed the team for three or four minutes with his pants around his ankles.

His eyes have always instilled fear in the hearts of his opponents, but if the ass of the starting middle linebacker of the greatest team in NFL history can't motivate his own team, the 9ers are a lost cause.

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