Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roy Williams is Hilarious

Yeah, yeah, he says a lot of dumb stuff. Often. However, this time Roy Williams came through with something truly hilarious. And by hilarious I'm talking about the way Jim Rome says it; emphasize that hilariousness Jimmy! Anyway, Roy gets an A+ for his Halloween costume.

Williams came dressed as former Lions running back Tatum Bell, who made national headlines two months ago when he was accused of pilfering the travel bags of Detroit running back Rudi Johnson. Williams was wearing a bellhop uniform with a big name tag that said "T. Bell.''

Everyone remembers Tatum Bell's tantrum when the Lions were courting former Bengals running back Rudi Johnson. Roy even texted Tatum Bell to make sure the costume was okay with him. Tatum apparently gave it the OK.

Well played Roy Williams.

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