Monday, October 20, 2008

Hinrich Bobblehead Doll Retirement Party

Every Bulls season for the last 3 I have started the season by taking my Kirk Hinrich bobblehead doll out of the closet and placing it atop my T.V. as sort of a combination good luck charm/homage to Kirk. Well I took shit for it every year, but at least in the past I was able to fire back about his feisty defense and ability to find the open man. My brother even bragged that one day Kirk's #12 would hang in the rafters next to Sloan's. I never went that far, but I definitely loved his hustle and referred to him as a "poor man's Steve Nash". Was I wrong? Were all the doubters right? After a terrible year for the entire Bulls roster, Kirk has become an easy scapegoat, but does he deserve it? Everyone has a bad year once in a while, even the greats of the game (of which Kirk is most definitely not). Well I recently received an email from a douchebag friend of mine (I won't say his name, but it rhymes with "Shiny"). Knowing that this was the time of year that my bobblehead gets placed in its usual spot, he sent me the email with a subject line "Get rid of that bobblehead". The email reads:
Go figure

Hinrich last season shot 14.3 percent in clutch time (a five-point game in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime), the worst among players with at least 100 minutes in that situation.

Maybe he's right, maybe it's time to trash the bobblehead for good. I'm going to give him a few weeks to regain his form, but if he plays with the same mopey attitude as last year, "Shiny" will finally get his wish.


Anonymous said...

I think "The Sheen" is right - get rid of the bobblehead. Hinrich sucks and he can take his jayhawk vag to another team (hopefully soon and hopefully with gordon).

Top Ten Nominee said...

I know Hinrich had a bad season last year, but who can you say actually had a good year last year?

Don't give up on Kirk just yet.

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