Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dusty Baker To 10-Year-Old: "Don't Worry About The Pitch Count, Just Throw"

The SF Gate is reporting that Dusty Baker is going to be managing his son's youth baseball team:
"This weekend, Baker will be the fill-in coach for 9-year-old son Darren's 10-and-under traveling tournament team, Hard 90 Pastime out of Roseville, Calif., near the Bakers' Northern California home.

The 59-year-old Baker spent his first season as skipper of the Cincinnati Reds this year working with a roster of youngsters, but this of course will be much different. He finally gets to coach his son — and in the Bay Area, no less. The tournament will be in nearby Sunnyvale."

It's going to be an interesting game, that's for sure. I think its safe to say that we can count on a few things happening:

  • 2 Tommy John surgeries;
  • 1 torn rotator cuff;
  • Neifi Perez will be 0-3;
  • a 9-year old will be rushed to the hospital after his eye was poked out by a toothpick;
  • 0 walks will be drawn.
  • Corey Patterson sucks


Andrew Jay said...

Well done, any post game comments about he is a player's manager.

Gomo said...

Is Latroy Hawkins' kid gonna play too, and complain that the northern California fans are racists?

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