Sunday, October 26, 2008

StevieY19--College Football Expert or Married,Tigers Hat Wearing Fraud?

StevieY19 went an unprecedented 0-5 in his Big Ten football predictions this week. Wow. I don't think he could have done that throwing darts at a random board to make his picks. He hasn't been this bad in the past, but he hasn't exactly been "accurate" this year. What are this self-anointed expert's qualifications? Let's go over them:
  • He was born in Michigan. He didn't attend University of Michigan. However, he was somehow able to identify the people that go to that institution as complete douchebags. How? I have no idea, they all seem like such nice humble people when you first meet them.
  • Yet...yet...yet, he is a Wolverines fan.
  • I think that he--now don't quote me on this, but--I think that he consults espn and deadspin. How he obtained access to these sources is unclear to me.
  • He wears Tigers hats. There is nothing wrong with this on its face. But he has figured out a way to get new Tigers hats all the time, and still have the hats look like they are 5 years old and someone put too much pine tar on them.
  • His streak of predicting the Big Ten matchups at a 40% clip was finally broken today.
After consulting that extensive resume of his, it appears I'm mistaken. Carry on with your coverage Mr. S.


real stadiums have roofs said...


real stadiums have roofs said...

no thank you

Anonymous said...

StevieY19's Big Ten picks are correct 90% of the time, 48% of the time.

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