Saturday, October 18, 2008

_______ Would Play in Europe; It's not News!

I came across this last night and it made me yearn for the days of Kobe vs. Shaq or thirty straight minutes of Celtics coverage to start Sportscenter.

Fans really don't give a shit if a player would go to Europe to play basketball. Oh, wow LeBron would think about going? If they paid him 20 mil per year? I'm shocked. What's that? Jeff Foster would consider playing in Europe? Well, screw me in the ear!

What is the current list of players we have heard about in connection with Europe? LeBron, Kobe, Ben Gordon, Hedo...and I don't even pay attention to the NBA until April, so I'm sure there are a ton more. Sure, Josh Childress braved the Atlantic to go play in Europe, but that doesn't mean every player's stance on the subject needs to be unearthed. When Gooden and Stevenson had a beard growing contest no one thought to inquire as to whether Chauncey Billups and Ron Artest would have a similar contest with porn-stasches.

NBA reporters really don't have much to do apparently. They've started a mini-streak of these runon stories. First it was the ground breaker that Josh Howard smoked pot; better ask everyone else if they do. Now the Europe kick. "I know you said you have proof there are more officials involved in the gambling scandal Mr. Marion, but would you consider, in your wildest dreams, playing in Europe?"

Just so you know, I have not considered going to Europe to practice law, or for my more likely profession of blogging for no money. The people smell funny and I automatically think most of the men are homosexuals (nttawwt).


real stadiums have roofs said...

i didn't realize steviey was an ear man

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Love the "Just Plain Stupid" tag.

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