Friday, October 24, 2008

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Ethan said...

trib today made a big deal about how Gracie was talking about how the cubs just "laid down" in the playoffs. What's the big deal? HE'S RIGHT!!! The trib said this may jeopardize his chance at succeeding Brenley. The ridiculous thing is, literally on the page next to this article about Grace, they had an article about why Brenley is such a great booth man because he "says it like it is", in regards to Soriano and what not. Isn't the trib completely contradicting itself here?

Ethan said...

PS - Graham taking the starting job over Vasher was actually reported here ON THIS BLOG in the comments section by Glen like 4 days ago.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Of course they are, they are an evil empire run by the emperor himself, Sam Zell. Do not question their motives, lest you be destroyed.

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