Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The ChiSox Are Dancin!

The "Blackout" by the fans was sick. Thome was clutch, Danks was even more clutch. Mayor Daley was there. The White Sox are goin to the Big Dance.

And who knows? The Sox might just have their Mojo back.

The Sox won the play-in game and are now going to the elite eight to play Tampa Bay.

I don't know if it is possible for a team that has stumbled so much down the stretch to have momentum, but if it is then the Sox got it. They are the first team to win 3 straight elimination games against different opponents to end the season and win em all.

People bag on Ozzie a lot, for good reason, but the thing is that the end of the Mets and the White Sox seasons were very similar and we know who is playin in October. You gotta give Ozzie some credit for that. The White Sox backed themselves into a corner and somehow they came out swinging.

The Rays are an excellent and well rested team. Also it was just announced that Vasquez(YIKES) is pitching game 1. The Sox don't have home field advantage so the odds are not in their favor. But I do know one thing.

This game felt like '05.

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