Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cubs Fans Please Step Away From The Ledge

Ok Cubs fans. We are all freaking out a little right now, but there are still a lot of things to stay positive about. I won't go over the negatives of last night because I might throw up on my computer, so let's stay positive. Take a deep breath, have an old style, and remember these things that we still have going for us:

1. Carlos Zambrano has the potential to be lights out. He threw a no-hitter just a few weeks ago and can completely shut down a team on any night.

2. This team had the best record at home this year in baseball. We are playing at home with arguably our best pitcher on the mound.

3. We have the best offense in the National League! Our guys were a little tentative yesterday (besides DeRo, love that guy) but we still led the league in runs. This is the same team that did that all year.

4. Harden (unhittable) and Lilly (arguably our hottest pitcher right now) are throwing in Chavez Ravine for Games 3 and 4. Those guys could be a 1-2 punch on many other teams.

5. It was one game, and Dempster was getting worked by the umpire in the strike zone. A couple calls go the other way and its a different ballgame.

Don't lose faith Cubs fans. There is a reason we had the best record in the National League this year. This is not a fluke team, this team is for real. Feel free to pray though. I know I will be. Go Cubs!

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