Monday, October 6, 2008

Deja Vu For the Sox?

A little more than one week ago, the White Sox needed three straight wins to extend their season. Now, they're in the middle of trying to complete the same task.

Today, it's Gavin Floyd on the hill against Tampa's Andy Sonnanstine. Sonnanstine wasn't great on the road this season at 6-5, while Floyd was 10-3 at US Cellular Field.

So was this a momentum swing, or just the Sox stealing a game at home? The Cell has been nice to the Southsiders recently and if the late season anxiety for fans has a positive side, it's that the Sox have gotten used to winning these do-or-die games at home.

The Rays are the type of team that can steal road games with their agressive bats and ability to produce runs with speed.

The best thing about being backed against a wall is that there isn't too much thinking that goes into formulating your goals. Just win.

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