Monday, October 6, 2008

Illini Perspective From The World's Largest Fire Hazard

NQTC reader and Illini faithful Danimal went to the Big House this weekend to watch the Illini spank Michigan 45-20. Here was his observations of the Big House:
Stormin Norman: was it kinda cool though?
Stormin Norman: i mean its huge and its been around forever
Danimal: watching michigan fans cry? yes
Danimal: the stadium is a filthy ass dump

Danimal: i mean, you wrap a turd in a bow and its still a turd
Danimal: someone asked me "so howd you like the big house?" i responded "well, it was like any other stadium, except we ewre too far away to see the plays and it was whisper quiet, so I could hear my dad talk... so that was good"

Sounds like it was a great place to see a game. Makes sense that Michigan fans have been overrating it forever; people who went there are so puffed up on their own importance that there is no way they can see something like the Big House for what it really is. The world's biggest fire hazard.

***UPDATE: Danimal wanted to add this regarding the Big House:
Danimal: whats the difference between a porcupine and the big house
Stormin Norman: what?
Danimal: a porcupine has thousands of pricks on the outside



Zachalicious said...

This is more or less the response of everyone who goes to the Big House and comes away with stadium envy. "Its not the size of the bowl, but the urine content of your soup," blah blah blah. Its not Michigan's fault that your contact in the college football world is the drunken beardless bum rummaging through trash outside your trailer home. Just spend the $20 and get a seat that's not in the 80th row. Its like sitting behind a steel beam at Wriggly and saying the stadium sucks. Take some responsibility for your own football enjoyment - or get a more interesting father, I don't know.

StevieY19 said...

Wow, thanks for the insight from the game. This is right up there with, "yeah she dumped me for him, but he is a huge douche." Surprising reaction.

real stadiums have roofs said...

ann arbor is a whore, so the whole sleeping around thing doesn't surprise anybody.

Bob Zuppke said...

A friend of ours, who works for NASA and graduated with a Master's degree in aeronautical engineering from U of I, was told by a crowd of Michigan fans "Hey, you might have won, but we are still smarter than you!" and "We are the winningest program of all time". Our NASA friend responded, "Good thing we didn't face off against Fielding Yost and Gerald Ford, we would have been screwed!" This is typical for Michigan fans. They are like your one friend who still wears his letterman's jacket from high school hoping that someone brings up a story about his glory days.

StevieY19 said...

Because Michigan has been so awful in the last 10-20 years? I would think that bragging about being the all-time winningest program would be typical of any team that was the all-time winningest program. Also, the "we're smarter than you" act is ridiculous, old, and incorrect coming from most who would say it.

Bob Zuppke said...

In all honesty, I enjoyed the vast majority of the Michigan fans. They were all pretty nice to the Illinois fans except for the usual few that happen to be douches at any campus. Even the general ribbing that happens at the tailgates was pretty mild. (Most likely because Illinois has not put together too many consecutive years of good teams; and therefore, hasn't traveled well in the past.) All in all though, it makes for a fun road trip.

bob zuppke said...

Ah, one thing I forgot to say. In a couple years, once Rich Rod has his players in the system. Mich is going to be scary good. Despite the lack of execution Saturday, you can see glimpses of what the system can be down the road. I'm glad we got to play them at Michigan Stadium in a down year because those wins will be hard to come by in a couple years.

StevieY19 said...

I hope the talent combined with the execution that the Illini showed gave Michigan a glimpse of what to expect in the future. Juice Williams may have the best slight of hand I have ever seen with the shotgun option. Ann Arbor can really be a fun experience on Saturday, especially when you run into the right people. Glad you had a good time, except for, you know, blowing UM out. Grrrr.

real stadiums have roofs said...

i don't think i'm alone in saying, i am smarter than bob zuppke

real stadiums have ivy said...

If McGuffie is half as good as his youtube video, all those screens and read options should be tough as hell to cover once Threet is out and a good running qb is in. Who is Michigan in on this year for dual threat QBs?

StevieY19 said...

They have commitments from two 4-star QBs. Both dual-threat. Sounds great, but we are seeing what happens when freshmen play so much. 110th in turnover margin.

Anonymous said...

Those lumps are necessary. Juice would not be remotely good unless he had all the experience. I mean, look at the timing and feel he needed to develop for all the read option plays.

Anonymous said...

juice runs read option plays? I never noticed.

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