Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben Sheets Career Arc=Kerry Wood's Career Arc....Except for Woody's 4 year $44 Million Deal

Rumors and Rants has written an article comparing Kerry Wood's career to Ben Sheets career so far. It is an interesting analysis and can be read here. The main statistical camparisons are interesting to see though:

Keep in mind that Sheets is currently in his eighth year, while Wood is
in his 10th

-Wood’s career record is 76-61. Sheets is 86-82.
-Wood has 11 career complete games and 5 shutouts. Sheets has 18 complete games and 4 shutouts (3 of which have come this year).
-Wood’s career ERA is 3.66. Sheets’ is 3.71.
-Wood’s career WHIP is 1.25. Sheets comes in at 1.20.
-Wood’s highest single-season strikeout total was 266 in 2003. Sheets’s
best mark was 264 in 2004.
-Sheets has allowed 159 career home runs. Wood has given up 131.
-Wood is clearly the less hittable of the two, as batters hit just .215 off him, as compared to .255 for Sheets. But Wood has also issued 576walks, compared to just 311 for Sheets.
-And Sheets, in two fewer seasons has run up a total of 1,425.2 innings pitched, compared to 1,214 for Wood.
-After Wood’s fifth season (2003) he has not topped 200 innings. Since Sheets’ fourth season (2004), he has not logged more than 200 innings either. He was on pace to do so this year (196) but now it seems unclear as to whether or not he’ll get that chance.

The only thing missing from this is Woody's 4 year 44 million dollar deal. Oh and the fact the Wood became a dominant closer. Will Sheets follow suit and sign a huge contract, then bust, then come back as a closer? We'll see.

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