Monday, September 22, 2008

Sun-Times Calls For Tillman's Head...Literally

I hate sportswriters that just write for shock value instead of actually covering the team. Well Mike Mulligan of the Sun-Times is one of those writers. Everyone saw what Tillman did yesterday, coming to the aid of his teammate that was under attack. Trueblood of the Bucs tried his best to snap our D-lines' necks, literally. While what Tillman did was foolish, it is at worst something he should get a slap on the wrist for. The Bears bleww plenty of opportunities that game. Here's what Mulligan thinks:
The coach must be feared in the NFL. Players have to know that one dumb, costly, selfish mistake can mean the loss of a starting job or a chunk of their paycheck or public humiliation. Fear is a wonderful deterrent. And the time has come for Bears coach Lovie Smith to put some fear into his team and punish cornerback Charles Tillman, whose absurd personal foul in overtime Sunday effectively cost the Bears a game.

Yeah! Lets suspend him or chop off his hand or something. That will show him not to stand up for his teammates anymore!

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His Jesusness Shuttlesworth said...

I completely agree with you.
How can we put the blame on Tillman when it's clear that the refs blew it? The league should fine the refs because if were talking "in effect" Mr. Mulligan... the refs lost us this game.

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