Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, You're Sick of Hearing About Jay Mariotti, My Bad

Apparently Jay Mariotti may be headed to the Chicago Tribune. Are you kidding me? I thought everyone's hatred of this guy was pretty clear, but I guess not. According to Chi-Ball:

Sources tell Chi-ball that Jay Mariotti has had talks with the Chicago
Tribune. Mariotti, can not write for another newspaper until his
contract runs out with the Chicago Sun-Times. There is nothing however
stopping the Trib from hiring the controversial Mariotti to be strictly an
internet columnist. According to the source, this would not be a popular move
within the Tribune staff .

Dammnit. I hope this isn't true.

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real stadiums have roofs said...

why can we only comment your shitty posts? why isn't there a place to comment on your shitty polls?

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