Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Game Playoff Fun

This is great. The Twins and White Sox in baseball's version of the play-in game. Time to see if the Sox can slam their way to another victory to grab the AL Central Championship and possibly build some momentum going into the playoffs. If you would have told me at the start of the year that the White Sox would be playing the Twins in a one gamer for the division and a chance to play the AL East Champion Tampa Bay Rays, I'd have slapped you, laughed at you, and kicked you right in the pants.

Ozzie of course is talking about the game, this time sticking to his description of Twins starter Nick Blackburn's last outing versus the Sox as "lucky," saying that if he pitches like that again, he likes Chicago's chances.

I don't know who you give the momentum to going into this game, but I'm going to say the Sox have it. Yeah, they were swept by Minnesota last weekend, but the Twins went on to struggle with the Royals and Ramirez's grand slam against Detroit was gigantic. That said, conventional wisdom and the Chicago White Sox have rarely agreed this season.

It's been mentioned over and over recently, but you have to love being a sports fan in this city right now. So turn on the TV (and turn down the volume) and watch the game. Cheer for the Sox, cheer against them, but take it in, because it's a one game playoff and there's only one October in September.


real stadiums have roofs said...

i take it jews can't use computers or running water during rosh hashanah. i know that cubs fans have taken the last week and a half off and have pretty much taken for granted that they will coast through the playoffs, but the playoffs start tomorrow and the closest this blog has come to mentioning the cubs/dodgers series is noting that beer sales in wrigleyville will stop in the seventh inning. i can only hope that the cubs players have forgotten they play a good team tomorrow as well.

Zach Martin said...

Not I: http://www.toptenchicagosports.com/2008/09/top-ten-cubsdodgers-position-matchups.html

StevieY19 said...

We're all about making Brewers fans happy here. There's your Cubs post. And I would like to thank our Jewish friends for allowing me to do nothing all day.

Gavin said...

You managed to select a picture of the White Sox celebrating that includes 3 guys no longer with the team: Pablo Ozuna, Scott Podsednik and Jon Garland.
Sad that until this week, that was the last time the Sox had anything to celebrate.

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