Sunday, September 7, 2008

Observations from a Massive Weekend Series

The White Sox just wrapped up a series against a team with the best record in the American League, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(haha writing that is hilarious, what a stupid name.) The Sox won 2 of 3 from the Halos, coming off the horrific news about Carlos Quentin. For me this was a great series because I actually got to watch all 3 games on TV, which is rarity for me. As a result I have some observations:

1. This series definitely had an October feel to it, the Cell was rocking and all the games had the intenstity level of playoff games. Irregardless of the fact that the Angels magic number is 4, Angels manager Mike Scioscia was making all sorts of moves throughout the games.

2. It really looks like that you can get steals against the Sox, especially Danks and Floyd, whenever you want. The Angels had 5 stolen bases against the South Siders on Sunday. This was through 4 innings and they really weren't in position to get any more or else they could have had about a dozen.

3. Konerko is ballin. August was an excellent month for Paulie. At the end of July he was hitting .214 and now, a week into September he is hitting around .250. Not only that but he had a homer in each of the 3 games against the Angels. He is going to be very important for this offense with Carlos out.

4. Uribe is so clutch. In '05 and '06 he was the Shortstop, last year 2B and now he is playing 3rd base, likely for the rest of the year with Crede done. Watching him this weekend, the guy just makes plays. I saw him save at least 3 runs because of his defense. Clutch guy to have when the injury bug hits. Also he had 2 HRs and 5 RBIs this weekend even though he swings with his eyes closed.

5. Linebrink is back and the bullpen looked solid again.

6. Even with the Sox (and the Twins, luckily) stumbling to the finish line and the Good Guys losing their MVP candidate,(sorry JDye) the Sox looked like a very confident team. Their overall demeanor and the impressive play against a very good team gave the fans a lot of hope. Could the Ewing Theory be in effect? 4 games against the Blue Jays who have won 8 in row is another gargantuous series.


hacocacyb said...

Uribe WAS the shortstop last year!

The White Sox must have one of the best defensive infields in baseball. At third, Last years shortstop. At short, this years shortstop. At second, Next years short stop. SICK!

hacocacyb said...

TOR not only coming off of 8 wins in a row, but 6 of them were against TB and MIN!

At 9.5 GB, the rest of Toronto's season is the playoffs for them. Meanwhile, they just faced the likely American teams to be in the playoffs and beat them.

Now they will face the White Sox, a true test for the White Sox.

Cubs fans can thank the White Sox for helping them maintain the best record in Baseball.

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