Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Missed Carlos Zambrano Day!

Did anyone know that Carlos Zambrano pitched a no-hitter the other day? Well guess what? He did! So naturally, Governor Rod Blagojevich declared yesterday Carlos Zambrano Day in Illinois. How did I not know this?

Check out the list of ways to celebrate Big Z Day, my favorite is "punch a co-worker" but there truly are so many possibilities.

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to plan our celebrations in advance for Carlos Zambrano Day on September 16, 2009.


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

I will celebrate Carlos Zambrano day by eating a 6 year old child, kicking an old lady in the face, and then 'emailing' my brother all night (code for beating off to latina porn)

Ethan said...

is breaking molars on the list? if so, i'm down for that.

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