Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Club FETOB (Fans for the Ethical Treatment Of Brewers) Hits Bump In Road

The Brewers might have to go to a
5-sausage rotation if they keep over-
working their pitchers

Well some discussion in the War Room of late has been about whether the Brewers use of C.C. Sabathia this year has been ethical. They are purposely making him pitch extremely high pitch counts in their push for the playoffs, at the possible expense of his future career and health, because they know they will not be able to re-sign him next year. Some stupid shitty Brewers fan (goes by "Deez Nuts" or "Real Stadiums Have Roofs", really clever names jackass) thinks that it is not unethical because "Bob Gibson used to pitch 275 innings a year" back in 1963. Not to say that this is a different era (it is), but that comparison is extremely flawed. On top of that, there is further proof that the Brewers do not give two shits about their players health in their push for a chance to be swept in the first round of the playoffs; from Wrigleyville23:
The Milwaukee Brewers, fresh off working to maim CC Sabathia, have activated Yovani Gallardo. This comes less than five months after he had what was thought to be season-ending knee surgery, which came after being sent back out to pitch by Ned Yost with a torn ACL at Wrigley Field.

Brewers assistant GM Gord Ash says Gallardo is cleared to pitch and there is speculation he could start one of the team's upcoming games. But Gallardo doesn't sound so sure. For example, Brewers.com notes:

Gallardo said his status would hinge on a visit with a team doctor Tuesday evening, but (Ash) said Gallardo was cleared to pitch.

In other words, "Get out there, dammit."


"It's not up to me," Gallardo said. "I just want to be here and help the team out any way that I can. It's going to depend on what the doctor and the trainer say [Tuesday]. ... I haven't swung the bat, I haven't ran the bases, so starting is kind of 'out there.' We'll see. I just hopefully want to go out there and hopefully get a couple innings and help them out."

In other words, "Um, are you sure about this? Did you see what happened to my knee? Maybe we should wait until next year. I'd like to get paid some day."


"As far as pitching, my arm is in shape, so I guess that's pretty good," Gallardo said. "Fielding your position, covering first base, that's the way that [the injury] happened, so that was going to be a little bit of a challenge for me to get over it. I feel confident. It was a main focus to take more [fielding practice] and cover first base."


We'll leave it to Ned Lite to get the last word:

"[Gallardo] is built up enough to do whatever we want from him," Sveum said. "We'll make those decisions as the next few days unfold.

In other words, "Get out there, dammit."
There you have it. Now they are rushing Gallardo back. Bring on the rebuttal Mr. Stadiums Have Roofs. On the other hand, maybe you should wait. You will have a lot of time to think about your response in October while the rest of us are watching playoff baseball.

***UPDATE: Read the comments from Brewers fans on this story about whether they should pitch C.C. on three days rest twice this week. Here's a little taste:

"Pitch CC twice to finish you have to do it, no quesito what do we care if his arm falls off."

"Run CC in to the ground. If the Brewers make the playoffs, anything can happen. Seriously, 2 CC starts, 2 Bush starts, 1 Gallardo start, and 1 McClung start with the expectation of a bunch of guys throwing 2 innings."


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