Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cubs Take Wrong Turn at September

With the off day on Thursday, Lou Pinella and first-base coach Matt Sinatro decided to take a nice drive to Cincinnati for the series opener there on Friday.  That crazy pair is always getting into mischief and this time is no different.  Apparently Lou falls asleep, and Matt drives them to Cleveland instead of Cincy:
It was an ugly day all around for Piniella and Sinatro as they took the scenic route to Cincinnati.

"We actually Googled the trip and we were Googled to East Liverpool, Pa., evidently. Who in the heck knows?" Piniella said. "On the [printout] sheet we had Cincinnati-Liverpool. And I'm thinking to myself, I was in Cincinnati for three years and I don't remember a Liverpool around the area."

That might be because East Liverpool, Ohio, is on the western border of Pennsylvania, so the printout took Piniella and Sinatro east instead of south.

With Sinatro driving, Piniella took a short nap.

"When I woke up we were about 80-90 miles from Cleveland. I said no, I don't think so. So we backtracked and came down through Columbus and got here at 5 o'clock. We left Chicago at 8 in the morning so we should have been here at 2 [p.m.]

"I probably shouldn't have taken the nap."
At least there's something to laugh about these days.  The way the Cubs and Sox have been playing and with the injuries piling up, its hard to even smile.  At least Lou and Matt are getting stoned and taking some sweet road trips.

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