Friday, September 26, 2008

The Most Offense Kosuke has had Since June

This story comes from Rumors and Rants about how great it is to live in the South. Especially this time of year, a lot of us like to use casual Fridays to support our favorite teams. We break out our Payton jersey, our old student section football tee, or Fukudome jersey tee.

Well, don't even think about bringing that foul language to work in Oklahoma.

And she would occasionally celebrate her casualness by wearing a Kosuke Fukudome t-shirt to work. That is until a couple weeks ago, when an edict came from down from the mountain declaring that the shirt was not appropriate for the workplace. And no, we’re not talking about one of those "Horry Cow" shirts. This is a regular “Fukudome 1″ jersey.

Wow. Good for Oklahoma, cracking down on the smut. If you're a sports fan there, you had better be careful. Maybe your favorite sports gear isn't allowed on casual Friday. For example:
  • Your South Carolina Gamecocks shirt.
  • Your Rudy Gay jersey.
  • Don't even talk about the Oregon State - USC game.
  • Your Dick Trickle Nascar stuff is okay. They get it.
  • No materials relating to anyone on this list.
Feel free to add your own in the comments.


Ethan said...

a lot of non-sports fans can't get over "Pujols"

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Who can forget Baseball great "Ugly" Johnny Dickshot. Where do you get his throwback jersey again?

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