Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Seven Millionth Sign does the Trick: Lions Fire Matt Millen

After presiding over one of the most embarrassing and futile eras in professional sports, Fox Sports is reporting that Detroit Lions President/GM Matt Millen is out in Motown.

Since Millen was hired in 2001, the Lions limped to a 31-84 record and I don't think more than one or two of those wins were on the road. Millen was a model of suck and did a good job ruining the organization through a myriad of bad picks in the draft, in free agency, and in coaching. Did you know the Lions are one of the four oldest teams in the NFL in terms of their players' ages?

For a generation of Lions fans that have seen one playoff win, this is probably their greatest day as Lions fans since, well, ever.

What does it mean for the rest of the division? Nothing, as far as the near future is concerned. But Millen's contract wasn't due to expire until 2010 and most just assumed he wouldn't be fired until then, because I mean, if he wasn't fired already...

So there is hope for a Lions resurgence, but come on, it's the Detroit Lions.


Ethan said...

is anyone else saddened by this news? As a Bears fan, i was really hoping that he would stay on as long as possible. It is a sad day in the NFC North to see Millen's departure. On that note, did the NFC lose its two most influential guys this season? On one extreme, Favre carried the packers to a couple SB championships. On the other extreme, Millen single-handedly ruined a franchise for a good 10 year span.

marko said...

Matt Millen made with a tough and shocking statements. He did it immediately after his dismissal from the post. This truth is shocked everybody!
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SantoVet2009 said...

Charles Rodgers saw this and laughed his ass off, but then his manager bitched at him to get back to those fries cause they aren't gonna cook themselves...

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