Monday, September 29, 2008

Ozzie Guillen Gets Mad; Beats Wife (or her picture I guess)

Apparently Ozzie has run out of things to break in his office. After Saturday night's terrible loss to the Indians, Ozzie was angry. The Sun-Times reported:
There wasn't much in the office left for Ozzie Guillen to break after the latest humiliation Saturday.

He took care of that after the embarrassment he witnessed Friday.

It started with a few bottles.

Then it progressed to some of his pictures. That included the picture of his wife, Ibis. Poor Ibis, that picture never will be the same.

''My wife looks like she has black eyes,'' Guillen joked. ''I was so mad I hit a picture I'm not supposed to hit. I was so upset, I didn't know what to do.''

I hope the White Sox can stay alive and make the playoffs, because losing Ozzie's ridiculous quotes would leave me with at least 50% less material to write about. What's the reference to a few bottles? Was he drinking? I think maybe its time for some marriage counseling for those two.

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