Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fearless Theriot Meets His Match--Hurricane Ike

If you haven't heard, some kind of tropical storm is set to hit Houston right around when the Cubs open up their weekend series there. Apparently the game Friday may be moved from 7pm to 1pm. If you were going down there, you might be a little nervous, but you're human. You wouldn't expect DeRosa-punching, no-nonsense, grinder Ryan Theriot to be scared, would you? Well think again:
"I don't want to go," Ryan Theriot said. "I understand why the Astros want the games there. They're in the wild-card [race] and playing well. But [if] that storm does turn and they evacuate the city, then what do you do? Now we're stuck. You hop on a bus and go where?

"Take a bus from Houston to Chicago? I just don't know what the outcome will be, and [hurricanes are] so hard to predict. When you have no power or no cabs to get anything to eat and you're just stuck, that's no fun for anybody. … I'd hate to get stuck."
I mean, I guess it is a hurricane, right? He's still a badass.

***UPDATE: Friday and Saturday's games have now been postponed to a later date.

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Zach Martin said...

In fairness his brother's roof got blown off last week in Baton Rouge. I would be a bit nervous too. I overheard him say that BR was worse than when Katrina hit. His brother called it a war zone.

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