Saturday, September 20, 2008

LaTroy Hawkins Wants To Tell Bud Selig Something Via T-Shirt Campaign

The boys over at Wrigleyville23 pointed this little nugget out. Apparently the Astros are angry they had to play the Cubs in Miller Park because of some sort of storm they had down in Houston. In an effort to express this anger, former Cub "great" LaTroy Hawkins launched a little campaign against Selig:
Just in case Bud Selig doesn’t know he’s a despised figure to the Astros, a few of the players and even one coach wore black T-shirts on Thursday expressing their feelings about the commissioner’s order to play the Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee’s Miller Park a day after Hurricane Ike hit Houston.

“We survived Ike,” the back of the shirt read in red lettering atop a drawing of the radar impression of the eye of the storm.

On the front, it read: “Bud killed us,” over a red drawing of the commissioner’s bust.

The Astros were upset at Selig’s decision to force them to play the Cubs at Miller Park on Sunday and Monday while their friends and family dealt with Ike’s aftermath.

LaTroy Hawkins is a whiny baby, but this is a very strange way of trying to show it. I'm sure Bud Selig is sitting in his mansion sipping champagne and thinking, "boy those t-shirts are right, I really was a dick to the Astros".

On another note, LaTroy Hawkins still plays baseball? Since when is he on the Astros? That guy sucks.

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