Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lou Asks Cubs Fans Not To Panic, Cubs Fans Ask Lou To Stop Losing

Cubs fans all over are getting a little nervous. We've been through too many of these and we want this one to end differently. We want it so bad that we are starting to hit the panic button after a two-week slump. Well Lou thinks we should just chill out:
''I think the people in Chicago get really high and then they get really low,'' Piniella said. ''It's a long season. There are a lot of ups and downs. We've had mostly ups, and we've had a little downer. But it's to be expected. I never thought coming into the season that this team here was a team that would win 100 ballgames. And if we stayed on that [early] pace, that's what we would have won...Look, there is no need for panic, I can tell you that. We got into this funk when we lost our two starting pitchers [Harden and Carlos Zambrano]. I've said along that this club here is pitching first, defense second and timely hitting third. We've got to pitch here. And for the most part, we have. But as we lost those pitchers, our offense cooled.''
But what about the heart-wrenching late-inning meltdowns Lou? And the almost-meltdowns (Woody has looked shaky at best in the recent wins) Well Lou has something else to say:
'We got ourselves in a little rut hitting,'' he said. ''We didn't score many runs, and we lost a few ballgames. If it's gonna happen, do it now as opposed to later. Obviously, you would want to be 8-2 in the last 10 as opposed to 2-8, but what are you gonna do? Basically, there is nothing to panic about. We've just got to close the deal.''
Don't you tell me not to panic Mr. Pinella! 2-8 in the last ten is kind of a big deal. It's definitely not good, I can promise you that. Straighten shit out!

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