Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Ten Week Two Wrap-up

Okay, so the Big Ten didn't play anyone this week. So the 11-0 record for the conference isn't as impressive as it seems at first (hear that Bear fans?). It had to be one of the most frustrating 11-0 weeks for a conference ever though.

  • Wisconsin trailed Marshall 14-0 in the second quarter

  • Ohio State was down at halftime against THE University of Ohio

  • Illinois was tied with Eastern Illinois after a quarter

  • Eastern Michigan and MSU were tied in the second

  • Northwestern won a tight one against fucking Duke

  • And Michigan couldn't put Miami (OH) away.

Most of these teams, especially MSU, Illinois, and Wisconsin made nice turnarounds for the expected results, but it was uncomfortable while it lasted.

Penn State turned in the most impressive performance this weekend with a 45-14 win over Oregon State. Now, Oregon State is terrible to be sure, but was the best opponent a Big Ten team played this weekend. As far as Penn State's outlook for the season, I think the Nittany Lions are getting a bit ahead of themselves. Joe Pa was asked to compare this year's team to his unbeaten 1994 squad. Paterno didn't hear the question and grunted something about losing his pants. Still, this team is nowhere near as good as the '94 squad and I can't wait to see them exposed (not like that).

Yep, so this was one of the most boring college football weeks ever, with something like seven games with less than one-touchdown spreads. Next weekend should make up for it with some huge games, including Ohio State at Southern Cal. Fun fact: Red Sox - Yankees is the only match-up in sports with a higher combined payroll.

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Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

I thought Charles Barkley and Shaq were the highest paid players in college sports history?

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