Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Big Ten Weekend Outlook

Not a whole lot of noteworthy action in the Big Ten this weekend. Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan have the week off. The biggest game on the schedule is probably Notre Dame at Michigan State, which gives you an idea of what we're dealing with. MSU has looked pretty good so far this year, as they usually do pre-meltdown. As long as they don't go all University of Michigan and hand the game to the Irish, this should be a Spartan win.

Iowa travels to Pittsburgh Saturday, in what probably looked like a good game when they scheduled it. Even though Iowa is off to a good start this season, neither team is worth watching, and even this game should enduce a mild coma.

Purdue and Central Michigan are going at it in a rematch of last year's Motor City Bowl, which Purdue won in a shootout. I've always thought "shootout" was a glass-half-full word. What really happened in that game was that neither team decided to play any type of defense.

I heard a story this weekend about an Indiana fan who was really geared up for the game against Ball State this weekend. I don't understand. Is this a rivalry game? The Letterman school right? Is Indiana football still in the Big Ten? What's a Hoosier? So many questions.

In other action, or lack thereof, Minnesota hosts Florida Atlantic, Northwestern plays Ohio, Penn State plays another doozy in Temple, and a week after being embarrased by the men of Troy, Ohio State plays...Troy. If you plan on watching Big Ten college football this weekend, you'd better be drinking.

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