Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cliff Lee Gets Bored With Outplaying White Sox, Breaks Carlos Quentin's Wrist

Carlos Quentin has broken his wrist.  Apparently he'll be out for the year:
The White Sox released the bad news Friday that Quentin, their 36 home run and 100 RBI guy in the middle of the lineup, has a fractured right wrist that will require surgery Monday to insert a pin.
What makes the Quentin injury more maddening is how it happened Monday in Cleveland. Quentin, who sat out games Tuesday and Wednesday, broke his wrist when he slammed his own bat in frustration after fouling off a pitch from Indians left-hander Cliff Lee.
Usually Top Ten Nominee covers this kind of White Sox crap, but I guess this injury upset him so much that he stopped caring about the Sox.  That's just how Sox fans are I guess.

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