Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Ten Week Three Wrap-up

Let's be honest, the Big Ten has not been exciting so far this season. Due to depression-induced alcohol consumption following Michigan's loss to Notre Dame, I didn't even watch the "Collosus of Columbo" or whatever it was called on Saturday night. Usually I would scold myself for such a miscue. Turns out I made a pretty good choice. From what I read (the score), USC completely dominated the Bucks, prompting many to question the strength of the Big Ten again. Thanks Ohio State.

Well, I predicted Michigan to get a "wildly humiliating" win. Half right isn't that bad. Michigan turned the ball over six times, only one of which was caused by Notre Dame. Michigan out-played, out-coached, and out-gained Notre Dame in all aspects of the game, except the category of not handing the other team a victory it did not deserve.

I also called Purdue - Oregon a good game flying under the radar, and I actually thought Purdue would pull the upset. The Boilermakers came close, blowing a two TD lead and losing in double overtime.

Honestly, I didn't see any other Big Ten games this weekend, but they didn't look very convincing. Wisconsin did get a big win in their toughest non-conference game against Fresno State, 13-10. Woo! Illinois squeaked past Louisiana-Lafayette 20-17, MSU shut out Florida Atlantic 17-0, and Iowa beat Iowa State 17-5. Penn State, Minnesota, and Northwestern won convincingly against teams I'm convinced suck.

Overall, let's all be thankful the conference games start soon, as it seems the only championship a Big Ten team needs to worry about this season will be a conference title.

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