Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Ten Power Rankings

Here we go, first stab at the Big Ten Power Rankings. Keep in mind, I don't care where these teams are ranked, or how many games they have lost. I'm looking for which team I would least want to play this week, and they're number one. Well, I wouldn't want to play any of them as that would surely end up in broken bones for me. Anyway, let's get it on.

1) Penn State- No love from me for the Nittany Lions so far this year. Maybe it's because I think their name is gay, but really it has to do with Anthony Morelli. Despite acknowledging that he was the MVP for many of PSU's opposing teams the past few years, I totally underestimated how much Penn State would improve with anyone better than my six year old cousin at QB. Penn State is rolling and they're number one.

2) Ohio State- Ugh. Hate the Buckeyes, but here they are. Actually, anywhere other than the top spot should be a huge disappointment for those sporting Buckstasches this year. Everyone is back, and all they have accomplished is beating a FCS team, getting embarrassed by USC, and unconvincingly beating three teams they should have demolished.

3) Wisconsin- Really? After last week? Yes. Wisconsin will still figure prominently in the Big Ten race. They don't have a choice with the Bucks coming to town this week. The home game will help a lot, but Beckum will need to play a much bigger role.

4) Illinois- So the top four teams aren't much different than I would have guessed. Illinois is getting too much bad press for losing to the #3 and #6 teams in the nation. Sure, their other wins have not been that impressive, but this is a good team.

5) Northwestern- Seniors are very important in college football. This team has too many of them to take lightly. Plus, 5-0.

6) Michigan- Huge win last week where the veteran defense looked as good as promised. Too much talent in Ann Arbor to take this team lightly.

7) Michigan State- Ooooh, the Spartans have a good record entering October. How come people don't notice that this happens every year. Ringer is a stud, but is being overworked.

8) Minnesota- I'm surprised how well this team has played this season. They looked decent at Ohio State and that'll give the Gophers some confidence moving forward.

9) Purdue- Bad loss to Notre Dame makes me wonder what the hell they were doing against Oregon.

10) Iowa- I should have known how bad a loss to Dave Wannstedt really was.

11) Indiana- Gross. Hey, why are there eleven?


Ethan said...

how do you rank wisco over illinois after saturday? Michigan is terrible (as evidenced by their first-half play, and the fact that wisconsin's second half game plan was awful), and Illinois' offense is enough to put them ahead of Wisconsin. To quote this bs reading i'm doing, "I vigorously dissent."

real stadiums have roofs said...

go brewers

StevieY19 said...

Well, Wisconsin has beaten a team with a pulse this year.

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