Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Ten Power Rankings

1) Penn State- The Nittany Lions are ranked sixth in the nation, but it's time for the big run in the schedule. At Wisconsin this week, then Michigan at home, and at Ohio State. Those are two of the toughest places to play in the conference sandwiching a game against a team they haven't beaten in about a decade. Time to see what they're all about.

2) Ohio State- Huge win for the Buckeyes under the lights in Madison. Pryor and Wells look unstoppable in the backfield. Only freshman mistakes, which seem few and far between, from Pryor can hold them down. Or another injury to Wells.

3) Illinois- The offense hasn't been the problem this year for the Illini. A sputtering Michigan offense was just what the defense needed to gain some confidence, now Illinois has a couple games before they travel to Wisconsin for a giant match-up.

4) Wisconsin- The Badgers have dropped two close games in a row and things don't get easier with Penn State on its way into town. That's okay, in a few weeks the tough games are over and Wisconsin can go back to smashing inferior opponents. Cheap shot there, look for the upset this week over PSU.

5) Michigan State- Sparty is ranked in the top 25 after a scare from Iowa. I still have no respect for this team, but it's all about wins and losses and here are the Spartans. Don't sleep on Northwestern this week in East Lansing.

6) Northwestern- The Wildcats are also ranked coming into the game with Michigan State Saturday. Seniors C.J. Bacher and Tyrell Sutton are leading the way.

7) Michigan- Horrible showing at home against Illinois. If this offense puts up 20 points, the defense has to keep them close; didn't happen last week.

8) Purdue- When only losing 20-6 at home is a good thing, you're not that good.

9) Minnesota- The Gophers beat Indiana 16-7 Saturday and they're 5-1 with winnable games against Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan, and Iowa left.

10) Iowa- The Hawkeyes almost got the Spartans Saturday, but a terrible decision on 4th and 1 late cost them the game. Remember when NFL teams wanted Kirk Ferentz?

11) Indiana- Awful.

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