Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Difference Between a Ball and a Strike

Look at these two pictures. Can you tell the difference between pitch #1 in the left picture and pitch #1 in the right picture?

Exactly, none. Well that's what I thought too. But that's not what home plate umpire Dale Scott thought. According to him, one was a strike and one was a ball. That one difference ended up being THE difference. It seemed like at least 5 pitches that Dempster threw in that tragic 5th inning looked like the pitch above on gamecast, and yet they were called balls. Somehow, in the top halves of innings, those pitches were called strikes. Weird. (And by weird I mean bullshit). That is the kind of thing that will drive big Z insane tomorrow. Let's hope whoever is calling the game behind the plate doesn't mess with Z like that. Come on Cubbies, we are still the better team. Stay focused.


real stadiums have roofs said...

that's funny, because in the post immediately preceding this one, steviey says that "the letter-high fastballs designed to draw the swinging strikeouts kept getting higher and higher, while the low breaking ball kept hitting the dirt. Even some of the strikes got fans shaking their heads thinking 'that was another ball.'" weird. i mean this post is bullshit.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Since both posts base their observations on the writer's first-hand experience of the game, I don't know why you would arbitrarily decide the previous post is correct and this one isn't. On top of that, the two posts do not contradict each other unless you're a douchebag Brewers fan who is sick of having their season on life support and is looking for somewhere to relieve the frustration (rationally or irrationally). That strike zone was inconsistent and expanding all game. Blow me.

real stadiums have roofs said...

since when is a gamecast first-hand experience of the game? i decided that the previous post was correct because i watched the game and i saw dempster and the rest of your merry band of posers run out of pixie dust. dempster pitched last night like he pitched from 1998 through 2007, making this last regular season one of the best practical jokes the baseball gods could ever play on you naive bunch of idiots. you should have just let the damn goat into the stadium. it's more of a barn than a place to play and watch baseball anyway (insert joke about me growing up on a farm and being homeschooled here).

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