Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It looked like the Ryan Dempster we have seen all year. Then something changed. The letter-high fastballs designed to draw the swinging strikeouts kept getting higher and higher, while the low breaking ball kept hitting the dirt. Even some of the strikes got fans shaking their heads thinking "that was another ball." In the third you had the bases loaded scare, including a walk of Derek Lowe. But then the strikeout to end it and the Dempster shutout was still on. A quick fourth brought more hope and more confidence.

Enter the fifth inning. Two outs, one on base and another walk. Another walk. Then as the fly ball to center towered, some claps as everyone (including the Dodger bench) thought the inning was over. It wasn't. Grand slam. After that the Cubs barely threatened and it's one game to zero. Dodgers.

That was all Carlos needed for tomorrow. More pressure. Still, keep faith Cubs fans. It's Big Z. At some point you say that he's your guy and he has been for the last four or five years and there is no one you would rather see take the mound.

Lou Piniella is at the helm and he is there for a reason. The team will be ready and the magic is still there. Just don't eat anything to upset your stomach more than it already will be tomorrow.

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