Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looks Like More Fukudome...Maybe

Before Game 1 of the NLDS, Lou Piniella said he would like to go with Fukudome in right field for the entire series. Last night's game saw Kosuke go 0-4 hitting in the two spot.

After Fukdome's hitless game, the Cubs manager was less sure whether Fukudome would remain in the lineup for each of the rest of the games, saying
"I'm not sure, we'll just have to wait until [Thursday] and see."

Of course, Kosuke's defense is a factor in the decision, evidenced by his nice stumbling catch by the Dodger bullpen last night. He also did a decent job running up the count and putting the ball in play. Only his last at-bat ended in what has become typical Fuku fashion.

In the lineup or not, I can't imagine he hits in the two spot tonight. That was shocking to say the lesat.

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