Thursday, October 2, 2008

Three More Games Today!

Major League Baseball is the anti-NBA when it comes to playoffs...and refs cheating. So the after an opening day of the playoffs that featured three games, we have three more today.

1:30 PM Chicago (Vazquez) at Tampa Bay (Shields)

Of all the playoff teams, these are the only two most are surprised made it. The White Sox had their run at the end, becoming the first team to end the season on a three game streak against three different teams. The Rays? Well they've just always sucked. So how do they react to their first playoff game? The Rays took the season series 6-4, but that was the regular season. I really want to pick the Sox based on the momentum, but it's indoors and on turf today, which thankfully the tiebreaker game was not. I'll go Tampa Bay 5-3. Take heart Sox fans, I'm bad at predictions.

5:00 PM Milwaukee (Sabathia) at Philadelphia (Myers)

The Brewers almost pulled off the win in Game 1, which probably would have meant the series was over. Brad Lidge was able to get out of the jam, giving the Phils a big win. Today though, it's the workhorse, or ox, CC Sabathia. CC wasn't great in the postseason last year, but he wasn't pitching complete games every three days then either. Myers has been pretty good this year and the Phillies are always dangerous on offense, but CC continues his path of destruction. Brewers 5-1.

8:30 PM Los Angeles (Billingsley) at Chicago (Zambrano)

I'm so lost about this game I don't even know what to say. I think we know what we're going to see from the Dodgers. Runs will be hard to come by on Billingsley who has gone 4-0 over his past five starts. As I stated last night, I have faith in Zambrano. This quote gives me more hope: "It's in the past. This is a new age, new stage for the Cubs, new ballgame, new team. And I just have to go out there and try to do my job and have fun." New age. New stage. Z's dropping rhymes before the game. Cubs win. Please? 6-4.

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