Friday, October 3, 2008

Washington Post Thinks This Is The Only Way Cubs Can Reverse 100 Years of Futility

This is via Wrigleyville23 that linked to this Washington Post article. After getting out all the anger and frustration, we need to refocus on the positive:
You don't reverse a century of baseball misfortune without a miracle. It's not enough to build a team with five fine starters, two lights-out relievers, six 20-homer hitters, three others who hit .300, a fine defense and a deep bench, a 97-win season and a fiery manager with Series rings.

To reverse hexes, you have to summon yourselves when everyone else has given up on you, as the Red Sox did in '04. You have to read every Chicago sports section after your second hideously played loss to Los Angeles and realize that you've been thrown under the bus, turned into comedy sketch material again and given a place in Cubbie hell next to the '69 chokers, the '84 gaggers and last year's gang that got swept in the first round. As for talk radio and the Internet, who knows what chasms of cynicism and jubilant sadistic jeremiads can be found there?

That's where the Cubs are now. They have their best pitcher, Rich Harden (1.77 ERA since arriving in a July trade) on the Dodger Stadium mound in Game 3 against 33-year-old Hiroki Kuroda (9-10 as an MLB rookie). Behind Harden is veteran lefty Ted Lilly (17-9), whose rainbow curves could baffle a young team like the Dodgers. The Dodgers' answer? "To be announced." Nice rotation depth Joe Torre's got there. He could use Greg Maddux, in the bullpen for the opener, for a Game 4. But Mad Dog has seldom loved the postseason.

If the Cubs get back to Chicago for Game 5, they'll not only be anointed, their fans will be begging forgiveness for jumping ship after just two games.

So lets muster up some last little bit of hope and be positive for a couple more days. If they blow it Saturday, then you all have permission to join me in jumping off the top of the Sears Tower.

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