Friday, October 3, 2008

O'Hare Employees Hate Kosuke More Than I Do

I'm a little upset with Kosuke right now. And by a little I mean I can't stand his little asian face. apparently, neither can the people working the public address system at O'Hare:

Passengers at O'Hare Airport were surprised to hear his name being paged
over the public address system in Terminal B on Friday morning.
But it turned out that it was all a joke.

"Paging Kosuke Fukudome, paging Kosuke Fukudome ... Please report to the Cincinnati Reds. You have been traded for a player to be named later."

Some of the passengers waiting for flights laughed, while others cringed.

I wish this was true. Addition by subtraction. I wanted to love you Kosuke....why have you forsaken me?


Zachalicious said...

Fair-weather fans, ridiculous. He's just a little nervous about getting his green card. He'll be back on base in no time.

Gomo said...

He has failed to save face, as he has not played with any honor since early June.

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