Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barack O'Balla Returns

In honor of the election Tuesday, I'm going to post this video I found of Barack Obama playing ball. Response to his last video was a bit lukewarm, though I felt he had excellent court vision. This video should convince you that you would pick him up in a playground game. He hits threes here, takes the ball to the hoop and finishes with some touch, makes some great passes and plays good defense. The only problem with this video is the nerdy kid who gives a play-by-play. Sorry about that. Enjoy:

1 comment:

real stadiums have roofs said...

stop posting this weak shit. he can shoot and that's about it. he stares at the ball when he dribbles and only looks to pass when the defense stops him. did you see the kid playing defense on him? no definition in his calves and shorts halfway down his ass? looked like a real athlete. forgive me if i'm not impressed with this propaganda.

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