Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hughes Wakes From Siesta; Takes NQTC "Globalo"

Here at NQTC, we have always tried to have a diverse audience. From our coverage of Jewish issues in sports to allowing Black Rob to comment on stories, we have prided ourselves on the many different readers we have reached. Well that has gone to a new level now. Yesterday we ran a story about Larry Hughes and how he has seemed like an entirely different player. Apparently the interwebs thought it was a good story, as it got linked by BDL and HHR. While we are very proud to get linked by those mainstream sites, it was an article that linked NQTC called "Donde Esta Larry Hughes" that astounded us. Here is a little excerpt:
Lo sospechaba, pero ahora todas mis preocupaciones se confirman. Según leo en el blog Not Qualified to Comment, Larry Hughes, el escolta de los Chicago Bulls, ha desaparecido y está en paradero desconocido. Su lugar en los Chicago Bulls lo ha ocupado Harry Lughes, un misterioso jugador, casi idéntico a él físicamente, pero que sabe jugar a baloncesto, defender y en general hacer todas esas cosas que el bueno de Larry nunca supo hacer del todo bien. La aparición de Harry ha coincidido con la gira por las canchas de la NBA que hacen cada año los Chicago Bulls para dejar que el circo pueda actuar en la ciudad, de manera que no se sabe si ha venido para quedarse o es simplemente algún empleado descontento del circo que quiere atraer la atención sobre los Bulls y alejarla de Chicago. En cualquier caso, sus números desde que se coló en el equipo titular, hace cuatro partidos, son francamente interesantes: casi 16 puntos por partido, 47% en tiros de campo, 8/17 en triples (rozando el 50%), e incluso ha añadido algún robo y algún rebote a ese respetable bagaje.
I have no idea what it means and to be honest I just pasted a random paragraph from it here. I am not sure if the site is a blog about the NBA Euroleague or just a Spanish NBA blog. Oh and don't miss out on the commentarios section. Thanks to NQTC reader Gavin for helping me translate the first comment, which apparently reads: "there is a little dejavu with seeing another player with 32 hitting a gamewinning basket in Utah, GRANDE JORDAN!" The Pistolero can always be counted on for that kind of insightful, clever, Spanish analysis.

Regardless, "El Blog Del Pistolero" is fast becoming an NQTC favorite for its racy NBA coverage. If you are ever curious about what's going on at the Pistolero, you can always find the link on our "Links We Swear By" on the right side of NQTC. Viva La Bulls!

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