Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eddy Curry Discovers Cure For Mysterious DNP-CD Illness: Grande Nachos and a Large Icee

Our favorite fat lazy underachiever Eddy Curry is at it again. If you remember the last time we checked in with him, he was so fat that he was accidentally popping exercise balls. Well since then Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks braintrust have decided that he will not play at all, since he is out of shape and does not fit D'Antoni's system apparently. We all know the reason he's not playing is because he doesn't try, run, practice hard, think or try. Anyways, this retard is up to no good again, as BDL reader D.E.F. caught him grabbing a quick movie only hours before game time:

Now I know that picture could be anyone, but BDL is a pretty reliable source. Either way its a believable story. Apparently this was around 5PM and the Knicks played a game that night. Oh and that Icee and Nachos? Those are a part of Curry's special heart-healthy rehab plan. What a fat useless slob.

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