Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Ten Power Rankings

1) Penn State- The Nittany Lions had a good practice session against Indiana last week. They play MSU for a chance to go to the Rose Bowl. Paterno typically prefers Florida this time of year though.

2) Ohio State- Tressel was asked about the chance of the Bucks making a BCS bowl and pretty much said that a BCS berth means nothing compared to beating Michigan. Not what the Wolverines wanted to hear.

3) Michigan State- Moving to the excessively stupid section of coach quotes, Dantonio said he will be cheering for the Buckeyes Saturday, even though the Spartans need a Michigan win to get to the Rose Bowl. Oh, Sparty.

4) Northwestern- The Wildcats are 8-3 and their defense that has been opportunistic all year and great against the run should give the Illini fits. Also, is there a more intimidating place to play than Ryan Field? Okay, but the defense is still good.

5) Iowa- The Hawkeyes have won four of five, a three point loss to Illinois being the only setback. After three straight losses, including two to start Big Ten play, few thought Iowa would have a chance to finish 8-4. And by few, I mean just Dallas Clark.

6) Wisconsin- The sconnies have also gone on a late season push, winning three of four. If only they didn't blow that game at Michigan State. Still, barring a ridiculous loss to Cal Poly, the Badgers will head to a bowl game against an inferior opponent.

7) Minnesota- Reality has hit Minnesota straight in the mouth. Not that 7-5 won't be a great turnaround, but with so many Big Ten teams becoming bowl eligible, the Gophers might need to beat Iowa to secure a bowl bid.

8) Illinois- The season for the Illini isn't a turnaround as much as it is a bend-over. A trip to Northwestern will be their last chance to become bowl eligible, but really they don't deserve it. Ron Zook plans to increase his baby intake over the winter.

9) Michigan- Just when it looked like Michigan turned a corner, the Wolverines managed to blow it in the 3rd quarter against Northwestern. There is nothing good to say about this team, it's just that there are really bad things to say about the next two.

10) Purdue- Purdue flirted with this "winning" thing for, well, a week; but the Boilers are back on track. Indiana is a dirty temptrest though, and it will try to get Purdue to return to the win column this week.

11) Indiana- Finally, it's here! Purdue vs. Indiana. If only we could throw Notre Dame into the mix and make this a battle royale for Indiana supremacy. Wait, isn't Ball State in Indiana?


JFKFC said...

Does Penn State not have leg press equipment? Is there a shortage of lower body exercise machines I'm not aware of? I could take those chicken-legged pansies down and not drop my delicious Baconator.

real stadiums have roofs said...

ah, the baconator. a fantastic concept, but the strips of bacon are so thin, i'd rather fry up a pound at home add it to a couple double stacks.

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