Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bulls-Cavs Tonight

Hardwood Paroxysm did this preview of the Bulls-Cavs game tonight at 7pm cst. Love the picture and the sarcasm:

And A Child Shall Lead Us (Via The Corndogg):

Bulls at Cavs.

And a child shall lead us. Rose has been blindingly good for the Bulls, racking up lines like a Colombian drug lord. And with all these early games against the Cavs, Rose has a courtside seat to watch exactly how NOT to play point. HT: Delonte West. Bron Bron has started hitting on all cylinders yet, which could very well happen with the well intentiond, but infinitely underprepared Deng/Sefolosha defensive juggernaut going all matador on him. And please, keep an eye on Del Negro's coaching style. This guy could mix together the ingredients for a poundcake and turn it into a hand grenade. That whole coaching thing must be really hard when all your components are practically missing limbs, or basketball ability. Plus, no Ben Gordon news in the past two weeks! Keep this up and I may actually say something positive about the kid (actually, that was a lie. May he rot in D-League hell).

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