Monday, November 3, 2008

Bulls Trade "Rumor" Turns Out To Be Old Man's Hallucination

If you are from Chicago you have heard of Sam Smith. He was the famous columnist/beat writer who has covered the Bulls since I was a kid. Throughout the Jordan years until last year, he worked at the Chicago Tribune. While he does good analysis of the Bulls and wrote a great book (The Jordan Rules, definitely check it out if you haven't), he also always comes up with crazy trades and calls them "rumors". I remember when he claimed the Bulls had all but completed the trade of Scottie Pippen for Shawn Kemp in the mid 1990s. I'm not sure how he's justified these crazy claims over the years, especially when I can't think of a single of his "rumors" that came true.

Well he was let go from the Tribune last year, but never fear! The Chicago Bulls gave him a blog on their official website. And it looks like he's up to his usual tricks again:
The first so called "big name" to come up in trade discussions has been Golden State's Al Harrington. The Warriors acknowledged Harrington asked to get away from coach Don Nelson, after which Nelson made Harrington a co captain. It apparently was a ploy to try to make Harrington look bad if his demand became public, which it did, and likely only further solidified Harrington's position.
The Warriors would send a plane for Hinrich and lifetime supply of Dungeness crab. Some Bay Area writers in columns already are urging the team to pursue Hinrich with Baron Davis gone and Monta Ellis out and Stephen Jackson handling late game point guard.
Ok I see the words trade discussions, which would imply that the two TEAMS are discussing a trade. The problem is he then goes on to discuss how sportswriters are the ones calling for the trade. Another credible rumor from the desk of Sam Smith. Don't get me wrong folks, I love Sam Smith and you should check out his new blog. Just don't trust everything you read.

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Ethan said...

the second i saw sam smith on this post, i declined to read. he is the most worthless "reporter" ever, i don't know how he had a job for so long. anyone can makeup trade scenarios in there head with no actual basis for writing about it.

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