Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cubs Acquire Kevin Gregg (And Other Chicago Acquisitions)

The Cubs have acquired Kevin Gregg, the Marlins closer, for unnamed players Jose Ceda (Thanks to Judd for the useless update that it was Jose Ceda). This could mean a number of things, two of which are:

  • The Cubs intend on re-signing Wood and made this move in order to flip Gregg in some kind of deal with the Padres. Now that Hoffman is gone, the Pads are in need of a closer.

  • The Cubs don't intend to re-sign Wood, and this was done to add some depth to the bullpen.

Or maybe it's neither of those things. Stay tuned.
***UPDATE: The White Sox dealt Nick Swisher to the Yankees.
Also, the Bulls acquired Lindsey Hunter to back up Rose at the point.

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