Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Neckbeard Thinks He's Starting

The Sex Cannon is back! It's going to be a longball-slinging, risk-taking party! Wooo...wait, what? Orton thinks he is still going to play this week? That neckbeard must have mutant healing powers because Kyle thinks he might play this week:

"I'm certainly not ruling out anything," Orton said when asked if he could play soon. "Just going week to week."

Orton said he has an ankle sprain. A source said Orton was told he'd be out three to four weeks but the quarterback isn't putting a timetable on his return.

"I feel like I got lucky," Orton said. "I'm hoping I don't miss any time."

I hope this didn't kill your boner StevieY19.


StevieY19 said...

I'll kill him. No chance he starts.

StevieY19 said...

Plus, your embedding of that last link is very suspect...even I don't dare click on that.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

You'll kill him if he starts? What's the motive there? You think the Sex Cannon needs your help? He got your little sister pregnant by looking at her. Now what? He's the cannon.

StevieY19 said...

I think the motive is pretty obvious. Whether he requires my help or not, he will have it.

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