Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Links--While I Get Trampled Looking For a Deal On Rock Band Edition

  • Although the circus trip isn't over, the Bulls get a break from the road for Thanksgiving.
  • Tommie Harris says he's getting better. I hope that applies to the rest of the defense, I mean everyone is "getting better" after they play St. Louis.
  • NQTC favorite World Wide Wes seems to hint that LeBron is going to the Knicks. I wouldn't normally talk about the lame LeBron to the Knicks story, but when World Wide Wes speaks, I listen.
  • Thanksgiving football sucked, as usual. No link here, just saying 2 blowouts and a game on a network I can't watch isn't exactly good programming. Back to the drawing board NFL schedule-makers.
  • This is the most extreme thing I have ever seen. You aren't so extreme now, are you Kluck?

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